Dear Terry:

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how thrilled we are with our new “garage”!!! The Lester Building you provided and installed is excellent and serves our purpose of indoor storage of products, supplies and our vehicles. This building was very affordable and a quality solution for our company.

During the construction process, your crew was very clean and efficient. Should you need any references concerning your company, please feel free to use our name. We would be glad to talk with anyone considering a building from Howell Buildings Company.

Thank you so very much for your work on this project.

Mike Hoy & Bill Hoy
Owners of Columbus Sign Company
February 2016



Dear Terry:

On behalf of the Three Rivers Fire District, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for the commitment to excellence your entire company put forth for our new fire station.

As I am sure you are aware, we had little experience with regard to constructing the new fire station. You took the time to understand our deficiency in this area and lend your guidance. We appreciate the professionalism and craftsmanship each and every employee of Wick Buildings contributed to our venture. Your insight in all aspects of our project, including layout and design, was invaluable. Your expertise is apparent upon visual examination of the exquisite structure.

It has been a privilege to partner with you in this endeavor. We would confidently recommend Wick Buildings as a solid and reliable contractor and an expert in its field.

Donald E. Brown



To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of the Berlin Township Trustees, Fire Department Station #309 and the collocated Delaware County Medic 10 group; we are proud and very satisfied with the construction of the new facility at 2708 Lackey Old State Road; Delaware, Ohio.

We worked through Widner Design & Construction (WDC), the architect who designed and managed the entire process for us. We are pleased with the finished product of a post frame building structure and the prime contractor, Wick Buildings.

Our building project came in under budget and on time. The savings, by utilizing this process with post frame, si estimated to be $200,000 dollars. Our facility came in at $124 per square foot (furnished and landscaped) when state guidelines indicate that similar facilities typically cost approximately $225 per square foot. We not only saved taxpayer dollars by using this approach, but had the facility completed in less than eight months even after we decided to build in a very wet winter! This would not have been possible without the flexibility, tenacity, dedication, competence and professionalism demonstrated by Wick Buildings.

We would recommend Wick and WDC to anyone else planning such an essential community building facility. We also would not hesitate to use both again when the opportunity arises. They did not let us down, and in fact exceeded out expectations.

Thank you. We sincerely hope that this project is awarded and recognized at your February convention in Columbus.

Phil Pansarella, PhD., P.E. Vice Chairman
Trustee Project Manager



CRSI Testimonial for Howell Buildings Company, Terry Howell:

Since the origination of Champaign Residential Services, a non-for-profit corporation governed by a a 17 member board of trustees over 30 years ago, continuous growth has occurred in the over thirty Ohio counties we provide service for consumers with mental development challenges. Currently we provide services for over 1,100 consumers and our headquarters are located in Urbana, Ohio.

With substantial growth since the lat 1980’s we first purchased a property which provided over 12,000 square foot of administrative offices. By the end of the year in 2003 we realized that we had outgrown this facility and started investigating numerous opportunities to build new, or renovate existing facilities. In late 2004 the 39,000 square food former Kmart building on 6 acres became available so we purchase it. This allowed us to plan for consolidation of all central offices, our local regional office, and planned for program enhancement offerings.

Our Board hired one of our members, Terry Howell, to provide oversight and project management to the renovation and development of the concept into a reliable, functional, attractive facility. Our studies indicated that we would need to budget, schedule, and coordinate the construction of the new building.

Front concept to move in, Mr. Howell kept us on budget and on schedule, met all the staff requests which were achievable. We started the project in April moved in November. All this while selling the existing 12,000 square foot facility and being under pressure to vacate out of our old facility and into the newly renovated building with multi operations, and various entities.

We are now consolidated and operational and feel we saved over $250,000 on a $2.4 Million dollar project. “Win-win” construction, communication, understanding, and results. All this accomplished on our timeline with the direction and recommendations of Mr. Howell and his network of local and regional contractors.

We would recommend Howell Buildings involvement in your next project based upon knowledge, understanding of needs and timelines and close attention through communication and budget.

Than Johnson
Champaign Residential Services, Inc.




Dear Mr. Howell,

Widener Design & Construction Group was selected as the Architect and Construction Administrator for the design and construction of a new Fire and EMS facility for Berlin Township located in Delaware, Ohio.

Design began in 2006 and by the end of the summer, this 13,750 s.f. 5-bay drive thru facility was ready to bid. As mandated by the Ohio Revised Code, the project was publicly bid. Our firm separated the post frame or pre-engineered wood building from the general bid package becaue we know that there are companies that are able to construct and complete a good quality building.

Mr. Howell was also very helpful in being at all weekly progress meetings and making sure that Wick did all they could to help keep the project moving. His communication with our firm and me was both appreciated and needed.

This is not our first or last post frame building utilized in the design of a fire station for our firm. We have been able to inform many townships, joint fire districts, and other public entities that a post frame building does not mean sacrificing in quality, safety, or appearance when deciding on their new building. Rather, it is actually a step up. Wick Buildings certainly helped show Berlin Township and others that this was indeed true.

Berlin Township is very happy with their new facility, both from a cost and a functional standpoint. There is no doubt that this was a very successful project for all involved. We look forward to having Wick Buildings on our projects again.

Jason Funderburg
Project Manager





To Whom It May Concern:

Michael Farms is a 2,800 acre vegetable farm where we grow and process potatoes, sweet corn, cabbage and green beans. Our 2009 building project involved replacing our sweet corn and cabbage processing facility, and adding cooler storage space, overhead container storage space, plus new equipment to upgrade our sweet corn processing process.

The construction schedule was critical because we had a short six month window from demolition of our old structures and replacement with the new. The engineering and planning of the new facility was critical to achieving the construction so we were ready for sweet corn harvest in late June of 2009.

We are glad we hired Howell Buildings Company and Chief Buildings to accomplish the engineering and construction of our new 40,000 square foot facility. The building was completely customized to meet our needs. Our experience was extremely positive because of the open communication, flexibility, and the commitment and determination of both Chief and Howell Buildings to help us accomplish our design and scheduling need.

We would recommend that you consider Howell Buildings Company in your next building project.

Todd Michaels
Michael Farms



Last year, my husband and I decided to build a small building to house his snowmobile, and a shade porch for our dog Jake. I started by using the yellow pages and getting a few quotes from other companies. Meanwhile, being the decorator that I am, the building started taking on more and more details and additions.

One day, my husband came home from work and said that one of his farmer friends put up a Lester Building. That reminded me that my business owner/farmer brother had put up a large Lester Building on our family farm for his excavation business. Since I was not especially impressed with the two other companies I had looked at, I told my husband I would look into Lester Buildings.

I first called Terry Howell on a late Sunday evening and he immediately was in tuned to what I wanted. The next day his associate contacted me, and came to our home the very next day. From then on, I knew this was the company for us.

I had a career in Marketing for over 30 years, and he delivered on every promise and issue throughout the buying and building process. The attention from this company far exceeded the builders that we had used to build two homes! AND THIS WAS ONLY A SMALL BUILDING! The attention was the same as if this building would have cost a million dollars. In a world where people promise and never deliver, this restored my faith that there are people out there who truly deliver what they promise.

Terry was as excited about our building as I was. He came to our house almost every day to check on it. When there was a mistake with something (small) he would email the company as well as myself and it was taken care of very quickly. The communication was excellent. The people who erected the building also did a great job and I so enjoyed talking to them each day, and they always explained what they were doing. He also made some great suggestions for colors and he even enlarged the building at no additional cost so there would be no waste in the products.

As you can see, I could go on and on about this very fine company as well as the “little doll house building with the front porch” that all my neighbors comment about! Just today, my dog and I went out to the building and turned on the portable fireplace and thought about all the fun we had watching Howell building erect our little getaway.

We owe a big “thanks” to Howell Building team for a truly wonderful experience that you don’t find in this day and age!

Robbie Johnson

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