Michaels Farm

Michaels Farm




To Whom It May Concern:


Michael Farms is a 2,800 acre vegetable farm where we grow and process potatoes, sweet corn, cabbage and green beans. Our 2009 building project involved replacing our sweet corn and cabbage processing facility, and adding cooler storage space, overhead container storage space, plus new equipment to upgrade our sweet corn processing process.


The construction schedule was critical because we had a short six month window from demolition of our old structures and replacement with the new. The engineering and planning of the new facility was critical to achieving the construction so we were ready for sweet corn harvest in late June of 2009.


We are glad we hired Howell Buildings Company and Chief Buildings to accomplish the engineering and construction of our new 40,000 square foot facility. The building was completely customized to meet our needs. Our experience was extremely positive because of the open communication, flexibility, and the commitment and determination of both Chief and Howell Buildings to help us accomplish our design and scheduling need.


We would recommend that you consider Howell Buildings Company in your next building project.


Todd Michaels
Michael Farms


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